Together with my partner Shane Crawford, we are raising four young boys, so life is definitely a juggling act. Our home is busy, noisy and rarely tidy. But it is full of action, laughter and fun. Over the past 12 years I have learnt a lot about what life is really like being a busy Mum….and it’s not all rosy!

I try to enjoy the little moments and take most things in my stride, but I am always on the lookout for ideas and products to make our life easier.  




Most Friday's my favourite flat shoe is featured on social media #flatoutfriday If you have a gorgeous flat shoe that you would like featured, please email us at hello@flatoutmum.com.au

Feedback and collaborations are welcomed, by contacting me here: hello@flatoutmum.com.au 

After having twins, Olivia also created the Twincredible Feeding PillowWith up to 8 feeds every day for each newborn baby, that equals 2880 feeds in the first six months with twins! The Twincredible makes feeding two babies simpler and more efficient. Find out more at https://www.twincredible.com.au