Things I love February 26 2015 2 Comments

Today I caught myself staring at an older couple walking through the supermarket holding hands. They seemed so familiar to each other, yet still so in love. When you become a Mum, especially a Flat Out Mum, the day can very quickly pass with the logistics of looking after everyone else.

Little things happen throughout the day that can make you pause and appreciate the fleeting moments. 

Here are some more of those little things that I now love and appreciate:

  • Long hot, uninterrupted showers
  • That first sip of coffee in the morning
  • Boys in all their testosterone filled glory
  • Driving on a beautiful day singing a favourite tune 
  • Warm balmy nights
  • Ballet flats
  • That newborn baby smell
  • Best friend brothers 
  • Feeling organised…just for a moment 
  • Shopping for girls things
  • Devonshire tea
  • Watching besotted mothers transfixed by their babies 
  • Shellac lasting nails
  • Belly laughs with old friends that turn into silent tears 
  • Lipgloss 
  • You are the sunshine of my life” Stevie Wonder
  • Toddlers soft squishy bodies
  • Someone else doing my ironing
  • Thai takeaway
  • Crossbody bags
  • Sleep ins. Or solid blocks of unbroken sleep
  • Diving into a warm ocean
  • Fitting back into my favourite clothes 
  • Watching reunions at airports
  • Being part of an airport reunion
  • A pie at the footy
  • A good blow dry
  • The most amazing natural vitamins…vitamin D & vitamin SEA 
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