An Ode to Social Media May 13 2015 5 Comments

I’m bleary eyed, it’s four in the morning

The nights are long & the day is dawning 

Little twin boys are up as they’re crook

The only thing keeping me sane is Facebook. 

 As they gulp on their milk, I have a quick read

Living vicariously through my newsfeed

Friends out partying, new babies expected

I try really hard not to feel dejected.

 With our family of six, we are so blessed,

Two more perfect boys, who would have guessed?

That drunken girl sinking shots was once me

In the midst of the party, taking a selfie.

 I’m not missing out, I say out loud

Of all I’ve accomplished I should be proud. 

But the grass seems greener on the other side

They’re all having fun, I must confide.

If it wasn’t for Facebook keeping me connected,

I’d be paranoid I was being rejected.

And now since I’ve discovered Instagram

My new accessory, more valuable than the pram.

So to all of those who’ve been annoyed by my posts,

The many baby pictures and the gratuitous boasts.

From the corny quotes, to the over sharing, 

You did seem like you were genuinely caring. 

I ask you to please understand my situation

That through gestation, lactation & even ovulation

It was your posts & pics that got me though,

In the past, what on earth did new mothers do?