Small gestures often mean the most March 25 2015 1 Comment

Last week everything was going so well for me. Jobs I thought were going to take days were finished overnight (thank you internet) and some suppliers finished jobs earlier (and cheaper) than expected. Bonus. I received two packages at 5pm Friday that I desperately needed for Sunday. My karma was good. All of my stars were aligned and I launched my Twincredible feeding pillow at the Twins Plus Festival with no hiccups. I was grateful and I was exhausted.

This week karma pulled my feet from right underneath me. Nothing was going right. I lost my car keys within the five metre square foot area between my car and my back room. My girls night away that I was so looking forward to (particularly the sleep in) was cancelled. Worse still, it was me who had to cancel it. First world problems, I know but everything I was touching was not turning to gold.

Then today I received the most gorgeous email. It was from a stranger who had read one of my websites. From what I can gather, she is a working Mum with two children already and she is expecting twins. She took the time out of her day to write me an email here at Flat Out Mum that just reminded me why I was sharing my life with you wonderful people. It was only a couple of sentences but as I told her, it absolutely changed my day. It has flipped my thinking from glass half empty, to glass almost full again. Thank you DG. That little gesture you did for me, means a lot.

I am normally quite a private person and I have historically let Shane be the one who shares his life publicly. I’m not shy or introverted, but I often prefer to listen rather than talk. Many times I have questioned why I am writing a blog and why I am spending my limited free time on my Twincredible business, rather than on some well earned me-time. 

If my products can help some other twin families in the busiest and often most stressful, months of their lives, I am happy. If sharing some of my experiences and thoughts with other mummies makes them feel a bit better or a bit ore “normal” I am extremely happy. My new friend DG reminded me of my mission.

The purpose of this post is to remind you that it really doesn't take much to make another person feel good or to feel supported. Flat Out Mum’s need this. We need people in our corner. It’s easy to compliment people, to point out the positives in what they are doing. It’s easy to offer a helping hand. It’s easy to send an email telling someone else they are doing a good job. Small gestures often mean the most. As the famous quote says