Our pool, our happy place April 20 2019

Even if you’ve only been following our family’s journey for a short time, you’ll see that we love and live in our pool! It was finished being built one week before the twins arrived, so our lucky boys have had a pool since they were very young. Anyone who has a pool will tell you, that it not only adds value to your home and makes your outdoor space look gorgeous, it absolutely brings the family together.  When you get a pool, you get lots of friends…especially on a hot day! We are real home bodies and love having a lot of kids at our house, so I can honestly say our pool has been our best investment. 

I did a lot of swimming and water polo growing up and my skin and hair was constantly dry and I’m sure the smell of chlorine followed me wherever I went. I will never let Shane forget that I could beat him at swimming for a very long time….we did race again a few summers ago in front of the kids and I am proud to say that I won! I would have died trying and our boys loved rubbing it in to their Dad :) 

I love getting in the pool with the boys as much as I can, so we are always on the look out for the best treatments and equipment for our pool. As with everything, we started our search looking for the best and most natural products on the market. 

Seven years ago we first installed a magnesium based pool system that was one of the best on the market at the time. We have always wanted the most natural (and the least chlorinated) water and when Charlie was young, he had really sensitive skin. He has ‘walked on water’ many times at the beach and in public pools when the water has really irritated his eczema and we wanted the best for him at home. We were very happy with the more natural water we achieved and all of the boys are keen swimmers. 

Late last year we discovered Mineral Swim which is a magnesium based system that uses 100% natural minerals sourced directly from the Dead Sea in Israel. I had heard that magnesium based systems had really improved since they first came on the market so I was keen to upgrade to this one that uses absolutely no synthetic ingredients or processes. 

This fact caught my attention as I had found the quality of the magnesium being used in our pool (and the correlating system) had deteriorated over the years. The water was clear, but we were having a few problems and it was time to upgrade. 

Mineral Swim allows pool owners to enjoy the same health benefits of the magnesium-rich Dead Sea that others have enjoyed for thousands of years. It also utilises a natural ozone-to-oxygen water purification process that is up to 3,000 times stronger than traditional purification systems. This means that the water looks crystal clear (the boys never wear goggles) and the pool just sparkles. We call it our ‘magic water’.  It honestly feels so soft on the skin, and is amazing to swim in. 

It’s hard to explain the difference except to say that the water feels smooth and silky and I really believe in the benefits of the natural magnesium minerals are soaking in through your skin. A lot of brands are promoting the benefits of minerals and there are a few mineral pool brands out there but my tip is to ask more about where their magnesium is sourced from and the actual composition/ ingredients of the system. Ask what they are putting in the pool and then compare that to the actual Dead Sea minerals imported by Mineral Swim directly from Israel (this can not be replicated).  

Mineral Swim has twice as many active minerals than its competitors and is the only system that combines the natural minerals with the ozone-to-oxygen purification system, meaning the water is more sanitised than when you use harsh chemicals like chlorine, resulting in twice the benefits. You may think this all sounds very expensive but if you already have a pool and want to upgrade to Mineral Swim, costs start at around $2,490 which I believe over time is a great investment. Pool upgrades vary slightly in price, depending on what system you currently have and the size of your pool. There is a handy calculator on their website you can use to calculate the the size of your pool / water volume - click here.

Their website also has a comprehensive explanation of the system and its benefits and there is peace-of-mind knowing it is backed by the Maytronics Customer Service Guarantee and 10-year warranty on parts. 

Of course, if you’re planning a new pool build, then installing Mineral Swim system from the start is only slightly more expensive and I believe that the benefits are superior to anything else on the market. If you’re after the clearest, safest and healthiest pool water you can get, make sure you ask for Mineral Swim through your pool company, builder or landscaper. 

We were very lucky to be approached by them to try out their system and were given the upgrade complimentary (yay). However I was under no obligation to endorse it, unless we were 100% happy. We are beyond happy with the improvement and it makes us love our pool even more. Everyone who swims in it comments on the clarity and silky smooth feel of the water and the fact that there is no odour/smell at all. 

As an added bonus, we also received some before and after swim care from AHAVA – also made with ingredients inspired by the Dead Sea. This truly gives an
all over treatment in and out of the pool, with products that use natural mineral based ingredients. I’m loving their shampoo and conditioner (my hair is so soft!) but my favourite is their Sea-Kissed Dry Oil Body Mist for my summer skin. 

If you have any questions that I can answer about our Mineral Swim pool, please comment below. Otherwise they have an excellent video on their website explaining the Dead Sea minerals and the effects on the body as well as their ozone purification of the water and a comprehensive FAQ section.

To book a consultation, fill out the online form (here) or if you’d like to speak to someone directly call 1300 693 657.


I look forward to hearing how you go. 

 Olivia x