Online shopping & why I love August 12 2019

I am a HUGE fan of online shopping and recently I was interviewed by one of my favourite websites

You can find the interview here

I have four children, four boys. I had them all quite close together, including twins, so my Instagram handle is Flat Out Mum because I always wear flat shoes and because I am flat out, I guess.

What inspires you to share your stories?

I started blogging I try not to write to advise mums what to do with their kids because I’ve got four kids and I am still working it out. And then what works for one doesn’t work for the other, unfortunately. I prefer to talk about how mums should look after themselves and maintain their own identity and interests. And from that I created Flat Out Mum Retreats. So I take out mums on holidays or encourage them to have ‘me time’ and do other things for themselves, because as much as we all love our children, it’s all consuming and relentless and very tiring. And I think if you want to be the best mum, you’ll have to take time for yourself.

What is your latest discovery you can’t live without?

I have recently discovered cardio tennis, which is my new favourite thing because I get to smash the ball and run around and have a laugh and listen to music at the same time. So it kind of, like, makes you keep running ‘cos you have to avoid the ball hitting you in the face, which is the kind of exercise that I need to do.

What do you love about online shopping?

I love that it’s 24/7 and can be when it suits me, because as a mum with four kids I can’t just get to the shop whenever I want. I Google a lot of things and compare products online before I buy, so a lot of times Catch appears, like, a great place to buy the products I am looking for. I pretty much buy everything online except for my fresh food. The boys aren't fashionistas who love shopping for clothes. So it’s easy. I just get online and choose their age and it comes in the mail. And if it doesn't fit them or they don’t like it, there is another brother who will have it. So shoes, clothes, everything... we have got a lot of sporting equipment with four boys as well, so the last thing I bought was an air track for my son because he is a keen gymnast. I saw that they had heaps of them on Catch and really good value, so I had it delivered to the door. So that was handy as well, since it’s such a big product.

Who is your favourite Aussie celebrity at the moment?

I love, I guess, women breaking boundaries and doing things. I love fun people. The last movie I saw had Rebel Wilson. I think she is pretty cool because she is breaking all the stereotypes of hollywood and she is having fun while doing it and she is hilarious. So if you ask me the question which celebrity I want to spend a day with, it would probably be her.

What would your fans be surprised to learn about you?

One thing: my partner Shane is very well known for his sporting prowess. But I was also ok with couple of sports when I was younger, and I can still beat him at a couple. So that’s something that people might not expect about me. Swimming, Gymnastics, that’s easy - oh, and then board games. I am really good at board games and very competitive. I am the UNO champion of our house and the boys might dispute that.