21 Things I've learnt since having twins July 22 2015 2 Comments

  1. I have great friends
  2. I love coffee, I really really love coffee  
  3. I love chocolate more than coffee
  4. Your family become s a magnet for weird (and inappropriate) comments
  5. You definitely will have enough love to spread across many children 
  6. There really is no use “crying over spilt milk” 
  7. Going out to get more milk can be classified as an unchartered expedition 
  8. A solid relationship is crucial, before you have kids
  9. An entire day can easily pass without getting out of your pajama’s (and that’s OK)
  10. Sometimes I don’t even know what year it is, let alone the actual date
  11. I am more patient than my own mother gave me credit for
  12. I find washing clothes satisfying, but I DETEST folding them away
  13. Pay TV is very important 
  14. Other people don’t understand your situation, but that is OK. Find people that do
  15. I am strong. Even stronger than I thought
  16. Ordering take away when your friends come over is considered a dinner party
  17. My body can make miracles 
  18. I would pay good money to sleep alone for the entire night
  19. There are “dirty clothes” and then there are clothes that will do for just “one more wear”
  20. I can go for days without adult conversation (reluctantly) 
  21. When the road to motherhood is not straightforward, the amazing reward is often twins
Please share what you have learnt about yourself since having children......