Fabulous Mum Interview: Kate M May 31 2015

Our first FABULOUS Mum to be featured is my friend of 25 years, Kate M.

She is one of those Mums that always has a smile on her face and can laugh at any situation.

This helps when she is raising three energetic (St Kilda FC loving) boys with her husband Cam. 

My most recent experience with Kate as a Mum is when I called her at 6pm the night before a school dress up day. 

I arrived at her house 5 minutes later to find her in an apron with a chicken roasting in the oven, her oldest boys sitting down doing her homework and a spunky man in the backyard with his shirt off (her husband!) 

It was a real scene of domestic bliss and Kate was right in her element. On top of that, she had exactly the right costumes that my boys were hoping for!



My number one tip for new Mums is… 

Your baby will guide and teach you. Follow your instinct.

My most indispensable household product now is…

Now with my boys being 14, 12 & 8 years old I would sadly say my car.... 3 football matches on a Sunday for a start, need I say any more!

Otherwise would be my washing machine! 

My best time saving tip is…

Keep your $5 notes, they add up very quickly! 

My craziest moment as a parent so far…

My most crazy or scary thing I've done as a parent was going on that superman ride at one of those Gold Coast theme parks! It was horrendous!

The best thing a friend has done for me since becoming a Mum is…

My friend making me believe in myself and then starting a little cooking business along side her, then my boys being proud of me! 

What I would love in my life right now…

Other than being on a beach holiday with my family.... I am doing what I would love to do right now......

that is sitting on the beach in Hawaii with 3 girlfriends!

It has been 14 months in the making & I'm so appreciative that my husband Cam is capable enough to look after the troops! 

The thing I hear myself saying (that I never thought would come out of my mouth) is…..

Do as I say, not as I do!!

The most useless piece of parenting advice I got was….

To try and get rid of the dummy's! I have never seen a child walk around at school with a dummy, so let them keep it.  Especially for bed time! 

My favourite every day wardrobe essential is… 

My Hudson jeans!

My favourite flat shoes and why… 

Until recently I had red Birkenstocks I now have white copies I got while travelling, so they are doing the trick!