An Empty Nest February 02 2015

With 4 boys, our house is always very noisy. All parents of toddlers know that when it is quiet, it’s not good. They are up to something and most of the time for me they are not sitting nicely reading a book.

So the times that I had the house to myself I treasured. When Shane braved the park with all the boys or Mum walked the twins in the pram when the big boys were at school. I always hoped I would read a magazine or crash on the couch watching trash TV. I dreamed of some peace. Tragically I normally did a quick clean up, put some washing on & starting preparing the next meal before I was bombarded with noise and mess all over again.  

But today is different. The twins started three year old kindergarten, so for a few days a week I now have the house and time to myself. It’s only been half an hour and I feel quite empty. I have longed for this day. The twins are so ready to start their education journey and make their own friends outside of their protected little bubble. My rational brain is telling me that.

My emotions are not. Since the twins arrived healthy just over three years ago, we knew these were our last babies. 100% definitely yes. It was a good and bad feeling. I absolutely treasured every stage of the twins development and tried really hard to not wish the time away. I lived in the moment a lot more than with the first two. I slowed down and I simplified. I have to remind myself that although I look back on the time now and it seems to have been whisked out from out beneath me like a magic carpet, I did savour them and love them the best way I knew how. 

There is a beautiful quote about being a parent by an American writer Elizabeth Stone:


 Today not one, but four hearts are walking outside my body. 

So what did I do to take my mind off how they were coping? I took myself off to pilates for the first time in two months….not only am I getting an emotional beating today, but a physical one too. No pain, no gain.

 How did you feel when all of your children were finally at school?