Launching in October 24 2014 1 Comment

Well here I am about to upload my first blog post. I feel like I’m standing on the edge of a cliff about to jump off.

One part of me says take the plunge, the other is wavering. Does the world really need another Mummy blogger? Are my opinions interesting to anyone other than my family and friends? The answer I hope to some will be yes. One of the main reasons I thought to write a blog is to celebrate the role of being a Mum. In our everyday lives in what could be seen as mundane tasks, there is a magic.

Hidden between the layers of mess and exhaustion there is insight to be gained and fun to be had. Every Flat Out Mum has something to say and someone who loves to hear it.  

There are fashion blogs, single parent blogs, recipe and housekeeping blogs, blogs for working Mums, stay at home Mums, fitness freak Mums… This is my piece. Its not a specialist blog, Its just a general overview of my life with four kids. No theme, just a space to laugh at myself and to share with readers some day to day trivia of the job at hand.  With any luck it will become a place for other Flat Out Mums to enjoy too.

Everyday mixed bag blog reading mums. 

I'd love to hear from you all.....