Flat Out Mum

Being a Mum to four little boys keeps me very busy. Flat Out Mum aims to celebrate the ups and down's of daily life and to connect with other Mums.

Oh and to honour my love of flat shoes.   

After all, it is very hard to be a Flat Out Mum in stiletto’s!    

Being a Mum is a big part of who we are, but if we dust off the sandwich crumbs, it is not ALL of who we are. It is full of amazing moments, but it can also be relentless and very stressful. So don’t be hard on yourself, enjoy the journey, one day (and night) at a time. 


Through my experience with Flat Out Mum, I have launched Flat Out Mum Retreats.

Next event - October 22nd in Melbourne!

Find out more about these exciting events here. 


Olivia x